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1: The SWAPS stand will be open for the delivery and setting up of exhibits from Sunday 19th August until 1400hrs on Wednesday 22nd august inclusive. No exhibits can be included after this time. Please notify the SWAPS staff of your intended time and day of arrival. Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for unloading and setting up their display. Please notify Kevin Mullins on 07778502467 if you have any problems before or during the show.

2: After set up at 1600hrs on Wednesday 22nd august, a site Health and Safety Risk Assessment audit will take place and the report will be presented to the GDSF. Safety Officer.

3: All exhibitors must have a valid copy of their insurance certificate with them at the show.

4: Please Note. Each exhibitor will be required to undertake their own Risk Assessment to comply with insurance requirements. Exhibitors must assess their own exhibit for potential hazards and take adequate steps to minimize risk throughout the duration of the show. Please adopt a common sense approach.

5: All exhibitors and GDSF staff will be required to attend a meeting in the marquee at 16-00hrs Wednesday 22nd August to finalise the rota for the stewarding of the marquee. It is a condition of entry that you agree to take part in this rota.

6: All exhibitors must take responsibility to ensure that their exhibit is uncovered by 0900hrs and working by 1000hrs (if applicable) The marquee will be opened daily from 0900hrs and closed at 1700hrs.

7: Exhibitors will be required to help erect fences from 1400hrs on Wednesday 22nd august. All exhibitors will also be required to assist with the removal of the fences prior to the removal of their exhibits after 1700hrs on Monday 27th august. During the show the fences must be checked by each exhibitor on a daily basis to ensure that they are secure and adequate for their display. Members are required to provide gates for their exhibition area. Please do not climb over the fences.

8: Exhibitors have a duty to ensure that their area is safe, tidy and litter/rubbish free during the show and is cleared of all non-biodegradable debris after the show has finished. Exhibitors are also required to litter pick on the SWAPS stand to ensure that it is safe and presentable to the public.

9; Sales of items from the stand will be limited to those demonstrated and produced on site.

10: The society will appoint Health and Safety Officers for the duration of the show. You will be required to comply with any requests that the officers or committee members/GDSF staff make.

11: Committee members/GDSF staff may if necessary meet regularly during the show to discuss the management of the stand. Please discuss with any committee member/GDSF staff concerns or recommendations that you have.

12: Exhibitors are requested to wear period style cloths or clothing in keeping with or appropriate for their exhibit.

13: Members of the public are not permitted to enter the fenced working areas. If you are socializing with friends, please do so outside of the fenced display area. You will be personally liable for any injuries occurring if you disregard this rule as your insurance cover will be invalid. No persons under the age of 14 are permitted inside the fenced area.

None co-operation of any of the above rules may exclude you from subsequent shows.

It is the Exhibitors Responsibility to self assess their own exhibit for any risks or dangers to them self's as well as the public. This is a requirement of your pubic liability insurance.  please click on title to download a copy to print and keep with you throughout the show.